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Aug 25, 2016


NBC Olympic Host Jim Kozimor joined CJ to talk about his time in Rio. He's also a talent on CSN Bay Area, they chatted up SF stories as well. Plus, CJ shares a bit about her derby career coming to an end and her Super Spartan race on Oahu.


Thanks to all my partners:  Dr. Daniel Lapidus & Larry Ackerman, Dr. Brad Kurgis of Kurgis Dermatology, California Fresh Markets, Toyon Landscapes, CrossFit Five Cities, Rex Stevens @ The SLO Wellness Center, Miller/Coors, Costa de Oro Winery, Grocery Outlet SLO, US Cryotherapy,  & Seaside Cafe. We look forward to next week's Big Show, Wednesday at 5pm on ESPN Radio 1280am, or via the Podcast here!